DSB offers two separate savings account products, the Passbook Savings and our Christmas Club account. 

Dearborn Savings Bank offers a tiered Passbook Savings account.  The APY is based on the amount on deposit.  Passbook Savings with $0-$4,999.99 will earn an APY of 0.11%.  If the account has between $5,000 and $19,999.99, the APY will be 0.16%. Passbook Savings Accounts with a balance over $20,000 will earn an APY of 0.26%.  You must deposit a minimum of $50 to open a new Passbook Savings account. You will be charged a fee of $1.00 per quarter if your Passbook Savings account falls below $50.00. 

Our Passbook Savings account will allow you to quickly review your deposits and withdrawals each time a transaction is made on the account. 

Don’t worry about forgetting your book at home.  We can update your transactions during your next visit to our lobby or drive-thru.  While you're here ask about "On-Line Banking".  It's the simple and secure way to manage your accounts with the click of a mouse.   




The Christmas Club account has an APY of 0.25% and an interest rate of 0.24%.  However, it only takes $5 to open the account and start saving for the holiday season.  All funds deposited to the Christmas Club account will be disbursed toward the end of October for your Christmas purchases.  The October check disbursement is the only permissible withdrawal from the Christmas Club account.  


 Savings Account


Interest Rate

Minimum Deposit

 Passbook up to $4,999




 Passsbook $5,000 to $19,999




 Passbook $20,000 +









There will be a monthly $1.00 service fee if your savings account balance falls below $50.

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