Savings Account


DSB offers four separate savings account products...
the Statement Savings, Passbook Savings, Kids Savings, and Christmas Club account. 

Statement Savings

  • $50.00 to open account
  • Interest based on a tiered account balance; which is earned daily and posted quarterly
  • Quarterly statements - either paper or online
  • Online Banking
  • Direct Deposit
  • ATM Card

Passbook Savings

  • $50.00 to open account
  • Interest which is earned daily and posted quarterly
  • MUST maintain a $50.00 minimum balance; if balance falls below $50.00 at any time during the month a $1.00 service charge will be assessed
  • Direct Deposit
  • ATM Card

 There will be a monthly $1.00 service fee if your savings account balance falls below $50.

Kids Savings

  • 12 years or younger
  • $5.00 to open account
  • Interest earned daily
  • Passbook

Duing the month of your birthday, visit us at our Lawrencburg office to do the coin grab. A fun and exciting way to teach young kids to save money and to watch their account grow as interest is added.

Christmas Club

Has an APY of 0.25% and an interest rate of 0.24%.  However, it only takes $5 to open the account and start saving for the holiday season.  All funds deposited to the Christmas Club account will be disbursed toward the end of October for your Christmas purchases.  The October check disbursement is the only permissible withdrawal from the Christmas Club account.  


For current rate information, please call: (812) 537-0940