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New Chip Debit Cards are Activated!

Thank You for being patient and understanding as we make the transition. The new Chip cards have features and better technology to prevent fraud to protect your information and money.

Why are EMV cards more secure than traditional cards?

It's that small, metallic square you'll see on new cards. That's a computer chip, and it's what sets apart the new generation of cards. Unlike magnetic-stripe cards, every time an EMV card is used for payment, the card chip creates a unique transaction code that cannot be used again. EMV technology will not prevent data breaches from occurring, but it will make it much harder for criminals to successfully profit from what they steal.

How do I use an EMV card to make a purchase?

Just like magnetic-stripe cards, EMV cards are processed for payment in two steps: card reading and transaction verification. However, with EMV cards you no longer have to master a quick, fluid card swipe in the right direction. Chip cards are read in a different way. While chip card transactions may take a bit longer than mag stripe transactions, total card processing time will vary between merchants and eventually speed up as the new payment environment is improved. 

Will I still have to sign or enter a PIN for my card transaction?

Yes and no. You will have to do one of those verification methods, but it depends on the verification method tied to your EMV card, not if your card is debit or credit.

 If I want to use my chip-card at a retailer that doesn't support EMV technology yet, will it work?

Yes. The first round of EMV cards -- many of which are in consumers' hands -- will be equipped with both chip and magnetic-stripe functions so consumer spending is not disrupted and merchants can adjust.         

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 Fraud/Lost or Stolen Card

After bank hours for lost or stolen cards, please call FISERV Card Network Hotline 1-800-472-3272

If you believe Fraud was committed on your account through your card, please call us at 812-537-0940. If you suspect Fraud after bank hours, please call FISERV Card Network Fraud Department 1-800-472-3272