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Main Office   Phone 812-537-0940

Office Manager

Janet Faller

The accounting, lending, and executive offices are located at our Main Office.

For new loan inquiries contact:

VP/Director of Lending: 
Residential and Commercial Lending

John Young

Cell 513-498-2851    

Loan Officer:
Residential Loans

Susan Buehler

Cell 513-498-4837

Vice President of Lending

Tom Sicking

For questions regarding your existing DSB loan contact:

Loan Servicing Manager:

Joan Webb                                        

For questions regarding your ATM/Debit Card:

Debit Card Specialist:

Margie Koons                                                  

Ridge Branch  Phone 812-537-0940 





Please include the following information with all requests to expedite a reply:

  • First and last name, phone number
  • Your comment, request, or question

Please do not include any account numbers, social security number or PIN numbers.

Your privacy and the security and confidentiality of any information that is sent to us are of the utmost importance.  Information sent from this part of the website is unsecure.

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