Think all banks are the same?


We're not!  Just as all customers are different, so is Dearborn Savings.      




DSB offers a regular NOW account with an annual percentage yield (APY) of 0.02%.  It requires a minimum opening deposit of $50 and your first order of checks is free

With a DSB Debit Card you have access to over 16,000 ATM's throughout the United States FREE OF CHARGE.  Just look for the "Money Pass" logo.   

DSB offers a flexible NOW account (Negotiable Order of Withdrawal) which requires a minimum deposit of only $50.  Interest is posted monthly, and your first order of checks are FREE! 

While you're here ask about "On Line Banking".  It's the simple and secure to pay your bills with just a click of a mouse.      



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For your peace of mind we also offer OVERDRAFT PROTECTION, allowing up to 15 days to repay any negative balance.  Relax.  We’ve got you covered. 


A $30 overdraft fee will be charged on checking accounts if a transaction results for each paid overdraft, if you are enrolled in DSB’s Overdraft Protection Plan.  If you are not in the overdraft protection plan, a $30 fee will be charged per returned item.  A negative account balance must be repaid within 15 days.  Interest is posted monthly on the NOW account product.  NOW is an acronym for “Negotiable Order of Withdrawal.”   


Dearborn Savings Bank recently became aware of fraudulent activities committed on debit/ATM cards.  This activity was limited to signature based transactions using fraudulent debit/ATM cards in six states.  As a precaution, DSB has blocked signature based transactions in the following states:  New Jersey, California, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Georgia, and North Carolina.  You will not be able to perform signature based transactions in those states. 

However, all transactions authorized using your personal identification number (PIN) will process normally.  This includes cash withdrawn at ATM's or purchases at stores where you use your PIN to authorize a transaction. 

We have also placed a similar block on international signature based transactions.  Please contact us at 812-537-0940 if you think you will be visiting one of the blocked states or need to make an international purchase.  If you have questions or an issue with you card AFTER HOURS, please call Elan Processing Services at 800-264-5578.   

Please let us know if you have any questions about this notice.  Thank you for your patience and understanding.   




Business Checking Accounts
Large or small, corporate or independent, we have a business checking account to serve your needs. 

Professional checking with a hometown touch. 

Please call for details.   




 LaRosa's, Greendale, IN.     

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